At Prentice Coaches we are committed to implementing green initiatives where possible and leading the way for a more environmentally friendly coach travel industry for the 21st century.

ECO-Friendly Fleet

The majority of our vehicles use the latest Euro 6 low emission standard engines, with the remainder meeting Euro 5+ compliance. In addition over 50% of our service buses are also certified as 'Low Emission Buses' This means that our buses and coaches have among the lowest emissions of any vehicle in the UK.


Following an exhaustive survey of our vehicles, fuel usage and other environmental practices in early 2015 we were delighted to be admitted into the Edinburgh ECOSTARS accreditation scheme. We have been awarded a 4 Star rating, out of a possible 5.
For much more information please visit the Edinburgh Ecostars website.

Rainwater Harvesting

One of our most effective initiatives has been the implementation of the rain water harvesting system.

The system collects rainwater from the roof of our workshops and, after filtering, is then stored in a 3600 litre tank - enough for around 140 washes

Since September 2008 we have only used rainwater to wash our coaches, saving over 120,000 litres of mains water each year signalling a significant reduction in our carbon footprint over time.

To ensure the high standard of cleanliness in our coaches, we use a 'Nationwide Cleaning' brush wash.

Click on the image to view a video of how we wash our coaches

This is powered by a small diesel engine and is walked around the vehicle by its operative. It uses very little water to wash each coach - around 30 litres - which, together with our rainwater harvesting, means we now use significantly less water to wash our coaches.
In addition we have taken steps towards environmentally aware practices for many years.
Since 1998 all our vehicles have been run on "Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel" and since 2009 we have used diesel with 7% "Bio-diesel" content.