- Mobility Coaches

Volvo Plaxton - Mobility Coach - Click to Enlarge Lap & Diagonal seatbelts - Click to Enlarge Personal air vents and reading lights - Click to Enlarge Our Full size Mobility Coach is based on the renowned Volvo B12M chassis with Plaxton Paragon bodywork and offers the same levels of comfort and convenience to passengers in wheelchairs as enjoyed by able-bodied passengers.

Click here to see the lift in action.

The coach also has standard executive features such as Air Conditioning, reclining seats with 3 point seatbelts, double glazed windows with curtains and air suspension with kneeling ability to lower the front of the vehicle to enable easier access

The crew seat- Click to Enlarge Wheelchair Access door - Click to Enlarge Lift at street Level - Click to Enlarge Although it looks exactly the same from the outside as all our other Full-size coaches it offers a flexible mix of standard reclining seats and up to 3 wheelchair spaces inside. There is an access door midway along the side of the coach and a smaller access panel just below it where the lift is stored. After sliding the lift out of its compartment the operator then unfolds the safety rails and the lift can then either be lowered to streetlevel or raised level with the floor of the coach.

Lift at Floor Level - Click to Enlarge Flat Floor with Space for 1 Wheelchair as shown - Click to Enlarge Wheelchair with Clamps & Seatbelts - Click to Enlarge Whilst the lift is in motion there are safety guards which raise automatically at either end of the platform which turn into ramps when they touch either the ground or the floor of the coach. Whilst the lift is designed for wheelchair use it can also be used to lift able-bodied passengers who have difficulty with the main entrance steps. Once inside the coach there is a completely flat floor to enable easy manouvering and parking of wheelchairs and also nothing for helpers or able bodied passengers to trip or fall on.

The Coach is available in any of 4 accessable layouts as well as a standard 57 Seat Coach
57 seats & the lift for passengers only
55 Standard Seats & 1 Wheelchair user
51 Standard Seats & 2 Wheelchair users
47 Standard Seats & 3 Wheelchair users

Wheelchairs are fixed to the floor of the coach using the latest quick-release clamps which together with the quick operation of the lift itself means that wheelchair users can board the coach and be securely fastened in, in a relatively short time.

All of our Dedicated Mobility Drivers have been specially trained to use both the lift, the clamps and seatbelts for the wheelchairs and their users. These Drivers have many years of experience in transporting disabled passengers

Customers are always welcome to view any of our coaches before making a booking.

Click on the images to watch short video's of the wheelchair lift in action & How the wheelchair is clamped in place