We now have our very own smartcard, in conjuction with Transport Scotland, and it allows passengers to purchase multi journey products online and then use them on our buses instead of paper tickets.

Smartrip cards are free, to get one simply register below or send an email with your name and address to tickets@prentice.info

Saltire Card Login

For instructions on how to register - click here

There are 4 different products available -

10 Journey Carnet - Exactly the same as our current paper tickets, 10 journeys with no expiry date, ideal for regular customers but who don't travel every day
7 Day Pass - Once activated allows 7 consecutive days unlimited travel within the appropriate Zone/s
28 Day Pass - Once activated allows 28 consecutive days unlimited travel within the appropriate Zone/s

sQuid e-purse - Add money to the smartrip card to pay for travel on our buses, rather than using cash, much the same as the Oyster card works in London.

There are passes available for Adults, Children and *Staff and are available in 3 separate Zones and priced accordingly.
Urban Zone 1 Travel only within the Yellow zone shown in the map below
Rural Zone 2 Travel only within the Green zone shown in the map below
All Zones 3 Travel anywhere anywhere on our network in the map below

(* To qualify for a Staff Pass passengers must be an NHS employee or Charles Rivers employee. Employers ID Pass must be shown to the driver)

Please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours from purchasing a top up until it's available to be collected on our buses This is due to the processing time requiredto send the information to our ticket machines
Please be aware that all bus stops are 'tagged' within our ticketing system so for example a Zone 1 pass will work between Musselburgh and Tranent, but not from Macmerry.
Any passenger using a Smartrip card fraudulently may have the card withdrawn

To add products, or to create an account, on your Smartrip card click here:-

Saltirecard - Frequently Asked Questions
Saltirecard - Terms and Conditions

How do I add e-money to my smart card?

sQuid e-purse

Before you can add money to your smart card you'll need to create a sQuid account and then register your unique 16 digit smart card number, which can be found on the SaltireCard side of your smart card, as shown above.

Register AccountAccount Login You can register for a sQuid account here:-

You can login to your account here:-

Once you've completed this process you'll then be able to add funds to your sQuid account online. Once you have topped up your sQuid smart card, you will be able to use the funds to travel on the bus.

Further information regarding the steps required to set-up and use your sQuid account can be viewed using our sQuid guidance document which can be viewed here:-