We regret to inform passengers that the online top up portal for Smartrip has closed

In preperation for the closure of the portal we developed our myTrip app which has the same ticket products available as Smartrip, but in a more user friendly format with instant top ups available, the ability to see how many tickets / days are left on a product and the added benefit of being able to track our buses and how busy they are.

Click for details of our myTrip app

In 2017 we undertook a Pilot Project, in liaison with Transport Scotland and the service provider, ACT, for the provision of an on-line top up portal. This facility enabled customers to create an on-line account and purchase product via on-line sales.

In October each year, Transport Scotland, undertake a yearly review of the service and are required to pay a yearly operational charge in the provision of the Portal.

As part of the yearly review we have performed an analysis of system usage and it appears that passenger usage of the on-line facility has declined with very low numbers of products being purchased and therefore not offering value for money for the tax payer.

Transport Scotland is also aware of the different technologies and other ticketing and payment options available with increasing use of contactless bank card payment becoming the preferred customer option.

In light of the above Transport Scotland has taken the decision to close the on-line portal facility, with the date for closure being January 2021.